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Cryotherapy, As Old As Medicine Itself!

  BENEFITS OF CRYOTHERAPY Born from nature and made safe and effective through technology, cryotherapy is an innovative treatment that provides many benefits; including beauty, weight loss, athletic recovery, and overall wellness. Articles boast of the treatment’s ability to improve blood circulation resulting in younger, firmer skin and also cellulite reduction. It is also known as the recovery solution for

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The Healthy Coffee Craze That’s Sweeping The Nation!

First it was juicing, then smoothies, and then protein shakes. Now it’s coffee sweeping the fitness world. Whether you’ve heard of it, read about it or maybe even tried it; Bulletproof coffee is all the rage lately. But why has adding butter to coffee become the new cream and sugar? Approach: The diet emphasizes an eating plan with “healthy” fats,

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Start Incorporating New Mega Nutrient Ingredients Into Your Diet Today!

I’m challenging myself and you too, to incorporate new ingredients into your healthy eating lifestyle. Let’s get out of our food comfort zone and spice it u a little.I have comprised a list of unusual foods that contain mega doses of essential nutrients. Some of them are more common than others. When going food shopping, most of us have our

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Manage Your Toughest And Tightest Trouble Spots At Home

We all have pain at one time or another. Whether you’re a pro athlete, businessman, or retired, whatever your lifestyle, aches and pains seem to be unavoidable. What we need to address is how we can rectify those aches and pains without spending a lot of time or money. The best way I have found to alleviate the pains is

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B12 Injections Are They The Answer To Losing Weight And A Cure For Fatigue?

My mission statement includes a very important promise; that I will “try” everything so I could give my feedback before you “buy”. After seeing a local deal, I thought why not be the experimental subject for B12 injections. When I went into the office I bombarded them with questions. What are your credentials, how long have you been administering the

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Let’s Toast To Your Health And A Good Life!

  With the crisper air setting in, I thought this would be a great time to talk about my beloved red wine. Yes, I am in the “I can’t live without my glass of wine” club (notice I said glass and not bottle). There’s nothing more pleasurable than sitting by a fire on a cold night, sipping a glass of

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