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Summertime Feet, Get Yours

  Do me a quick favor. Take off your shoes and socks and look at your bare feet. Are they feet that you would want to show off in your warm weather sandals? Yes, you say. Then perfect. The 2 products below will ensure that you keep them that way looking their best all summer long. No, you say. Then

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Superior Sunscreen Strictly For Men

Jack Black is the grooming label for the guy’s guy—one who likes to keep things simple yet superior, comprehensive yet not “cosmetic.” From advanced shaving solutions to complete body-maintenance products, Jack Black formulas are simple to use, fast absorbing, and multi-functional, offering multiple benefits in a single product (how manly!). We all know sunscreen is one more annoying thing you

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It’s Not Just For Toned Bum Bums

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream is a absolutely addictive full body cream inspired by the Brazilians’ favorite feature—the bum bum (or as you probably call it the bottom, the butt or la derriére.) Pronounced as boom boom in Brazil, the bum bum is a nation – wide obsession. It’s all about the bum bum in Brazil, and that’s why they have

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Let Your Smile Shine Like The Star you Are!

  Presenting the Oral B-B 7000 Bluetooth Electric Toothbrush! It’s what happens when German engineers have a zero tolerance for plaque. It accelerates to top speed faster than a high performance sports car. Seven independent functions, and up to 800 brush movements per second. Designed by Braun, it truly is engineered to perform. -Six High-Performance Brushing Modes: Daily Clean, Deep

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