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4 Everyday Food Products That Won’t Add Unwanted Sugar To Your Diet

Sriracha sauce is all the rage across America. I put it on everything for that added kick to spice up ordinary foods. Being a big fan of chili peppers as a metabolism booster and a cancer fighter, I continued to use the most popular brand even though sugar was an ingredient. I am not exactly sure if the sugar is in there as a filler or for flavor, but regardless, I don’t want it in anything that I put on my food. That is why I was thrilled when I discovered this Sriracha sauce! Paleochef is part of the Paleo brand lifestyle built on a “no sugar in your food” philosophy.



Ketchup is a staple all across America on kitchen tables, in restaurants, and in schools. Without doing the research, it has be the most popular condiment. There are several popular brands of ketchup, all of which contain added sugar or corn syrup. One brand, Heinz, has a no sugar added version which they call “reduced sugar”. The first ingredient is tomatoes, and the second is distilled vinegar. This ketchup has 1g carb per serving, and keep in mind that tomatoes have natural sugar. I don’t know about you, but I’m happy to use a tomato ketchup that tastes like tomatoes. I actually like this ketchup’s taste so much better than the sweetened national brands. With all the ketchup that is consumed, especially by children, I am so glad that there is an option of a “no sugar added” brand.



What do you think of when you hear “hot wings”? It has to be Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. Cayenne Peppers is the first ingredient in this flavorful sauce. There are many brands of table hot sauce on the market, but this is one brand that I have discovered that has no added sugar or corn syrup. You can taste the natural flavor of the spicy, naturally delicious peppers. I personally use it as a food seasoning as well as a shake on everything condiment, especially fried chicken and fish. I know folks that won’t eat if they don’t have their Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. So, when it comes to hot sauce, if its not Frank’s, make sure you read the ingredients. Sugar should not be in your hot sauce.



Now onto the 4th and biggest sugar offender, pasta sauce! Foods that have added sugar, sweeteners, and corn syrup should be banned by the Food and Drug Administration in my opinion. First, not everyone is a label reader, though I wish everyone was. I quizzed several people and I was shocked at how many, especially those under the age of 21, have no idea that companies add sugar to pasta sauce. Whatever the reason that sugar is in there, it shouldn’t be. With a epidemic of obesity and diabetes in this country, I feel like it is a betrayal of the consumer. We should be paying for tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, and basil; not sugar. Those are the ingredients in the all natural Victoria Pasta Sauces. The problem is that the brands of sauces containing the greatest amount of sugars, are the least expensive; and price is a key purchase factor for many consumers. I have a reasonably priced sauce, found in all major food store chains; the Victoria brand. It contains all natural ingredients, and tastes fresh and home made.



We all need to be aware of the hidden sugar we consume. I hope this is helpful in your commitment to your healthiest life ever, so that you can always be a NO AGE GENT!


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