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The Travel And Gym Kit That Every Man Needs!

What is the worst part of traveling? It has to be packing up my toiletries and cramming them in a zippered shaving bag. When you open the bag on the counter, you have to pull one thing out at a time and hope you reached in a grabbed the right one. The other option is to dump the bag out on the sink and that’s never a good solution. But help is here. I found the greatest most innovative toiletries bag ever.

It’s modern and innovative. The Lay -N- Go Traveler bag comes in 9 different sizes and in several colors. It morphs from a “tray” into functional drawstring bag in one zip. Perfect for shaving tools, cologne, deodorant, soaps; it will make getting dressed when away from home incredibly easy. It’s washable in case you have a “oops” or the bag gets wet. This all purpose kit is spill proof. Having an extra pocket for storing anything “special” like razors or watches is a plus. Perfect for traveling and the gym. Having your toiletries and extras organized and ready, priceless. The Lay- N -Go traveler is a must have for the Gent on the go.

0.98″ high
7.99″ wide
Machine washable
One 7″x 5″ pocket on the inside surface to discreetly stow small items
Durable nylon cord and cord lock provide a quick and easy opening / closing system
A special designed “lip” around the bag keeps products contained in a small space
A velcroed front storage pocket provides a place to stow the drawstring




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