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Ten Gifts Every Guy Should Get Himself This Holiday Season


Your life is hectic and demanding. The holidays can be the most stressful time for men to produce perfect holiday gifts to please and impress colleagues and loved ones. Well, I comprised my list of ten gifts that are for you, from you, because who deserves to get the perfect gift more than you.

  1. BOURBON, WHISKEY, COGNAC.   Not merely top shelf, I am referring to that showcase bottle. The coveted “look but don’t touch” bottle. The conversation piece bottle that leaves guests envious. I recommend maxliquor.com.
  2. CIGARS.   Whether you actually smoke them or not, a showcase box of cigars is a status symbol. A long time celebratory symbol of manhood. Frankly, they will just make you feel bad ass. My recommendation jrcigars.com.
  3. INSTRUCTIONAL LESSONS.  Males hate to ask for help. Males also hate to be left out of activities that they could do with their comrades. Sign yourself up for lessons. You do not have to master the craft, just get instruction so that you can hold your own and keep your dignity. I am referring to golf, skiing, tennis,  just name a few. If you have ever been invited to an outing and choose not to partake do to you lack of expertise, a lesson or two will guarantee you will be ready next time the opportunity rolls around.
  4. A WATCH.  Everyone wants to be that guy that wears a watch. You will never regret investing in a great watch. Wearing a watch communicates “I am a goddamned adult!”. It is actually a classy, sexy, time piece and a status symbol. Your watch will exude your character and personality. My recommendation is worldofwatches.com
  5. SILK SHEETS.  Make your bed the highlight of your kingdom. Silk sheets are the ultimate luxury home decor accessory. Nothing says I know and appreciate luxury like silk sheets. Enjoy getting into bed alone or with someone like never before. Silk sheets stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You will also be surprised by your smooth skin and shiny hair. I recommend lilysilk.com
  6. ARTWORK.  I am not referring to what they sell at Home Goods. Whether it’s a focal point of your living room, in your man cave, or beach house, an artwork piece that reflects your style and taste is essential. Original paintings can be found in all price ranges. Until you know what you like buy what makes you feel good. I recommend art finder.com
  7. HIGH TECH TOY. Boys will be boys, isn’t that the old saying? Well now you’re all grown up but still looking to have fun. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to feel tech, cutting edge, and simply bad ass. So what’s the gotta have tech “toy” this holiday season. Virtual Reality Headsets. For this one I’m including the Amazon Link, just click on it. Doesn’t matter what your watching you will have a great time and be the envy of the “not to cool” guys.                                       PURCHASE  BY CLICKING ON LINK!  BUY SAMSUNG GEAR VR VIRTUAL REALITY HERE!
  8. PHOTO SHOOT. Hire a photographer and have professional pictures taken. I don’t mean the head shots you post to your Linkedin account. I mean a set of photos you can give to your significant other, put on a dating site, share with those that haven’t seen you in years, and of course post on Facebook. You will be desired and envied. There is no shame in sharing photos that make you feel great.
  9. SUNGLASSES.  Nothing makes a man more attractive than the perfect sunglasses. Take your time choosing just the right pair. Look in the mirror and say “you are the man!” You should feel confident when you were them. My recommendation for this is going into a retailer and trying them on. Ask the sales staff for their opinion, that is what they are there for. My suggestion would be a high end retailer where you could receive great customer service like Nordstrom or Saks fifth Avenue. Sunglass Hut also specializes in sunglasses and has the most in style selection.
  10. UNDERWEAR. Listen up! If you look good, you feel good. Invest in your undergarments. Go into your underwear drawer and clean house. If its faded, stretched out, or just doesn’t make you look like a stud, get rid of it. Start fresh with todays latest styles and fabrics. You will feel like a million dollars. Again, how you feel about yourself makes all the difference. You work hard, you deserve to treat yourself right. I recommend tommyjohn.com.3d Render of red and white christmas gift boxes


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