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This Holiday Season Be The Well- Dressed Man


Sometimes the littlest details make the greatest impact. Adding a pocket square to your blazer or suit jacket will add a touch of style for any occasion. There is no other accessory that reflects the confidence in a man as that of the right pocket square. Pocket squares were known as the handkerchief and havemade a “wow” come back.


It will give your ensemble an elegant look if worn properly. You can give one jacket several different looks by changing pocket squares. Keep in mind that fabrics of pocket squares are seasonal. and choose accordingly. Silk squares are fabulous all year long while cotton or linen are generally better in the summer or on that island getaway. Wool, cashmere, and flannel are generally cold weather options. Solid colors, particularly white or blue are the easiest to match. Printed or patterned squares can take a plain jacket or blazer from the ordinary to the extraordinary. The most important rule; do not match your pocket square to your tie. The second most important rule; do not buy a jacket with a pocket square sewn in. The color of your square should match your shirt as well as complement your jacket. For a less formal look skip the ties and wear a pocket square as an accessory preferably with an opened collar shirt. That will keep you casual but looking well styled. img_1926Also very important are the folds. A square fold is the most professional and sharp looking. A puff is the most casual best achieved with a silk fabric. There are pocket squares that are actually round. This will not matter, what’s most important is how it is folded and placed in the pocket. The best option for beginners is prefolded pocket squares, no-one will know you cheated. The general guide line is; formal events go with white, ironed, crisp; for casual go with colorful and liberally folded; in the office go with something conservative, not distracting.

Have fun with pocket squares. Wear them to reflect your own personal style. Don’t shy away from “wowing the crowd”, be a stand out. Let the world know you care about the details. You will feel really amazing when you start to get compliments, and you will. Starting today, have square or be square, you’re a No Age Gent!



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