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What Is Your Hottest Health And Wellness Accessory?





When thinking about “accessories”; watches, ties, hats, belts, nothing makes you think “health and wellness, except for these. Sunglasses or shades are a crucial year round must have. For good eye health they block Ultraviolet A & B UV rays. Even in off peak sun seasons, rays can do irreputible damage. These rays can lead to issues with cataracts, retina damage, and macular degeneration. Trust me if you don’t have problems with your eyesight you want to keep it that way. If you already do, you don’t want to make it your eyesight worse. Your shades also reduce sun glare and protect the eyes from debris. Doing my research, I also took note to the studies suggesting bright sunlight can trigger migraines and headaches, due to eyestrain and fatigue. I think another crucial reason to have those shades on all the time is to stop damage around the delicate eye area. We are all doing our best hopefully to avoid developing fine lines, wrinkles, and “crows feet” around the eyes. Sunglasses are your better protection than sunscreen alone and less irritating to the eye area. That is the quick run down of why we need those sunglasses on all the time, now to the fun stuff.


I am lucky to have found this innovate and cutting edge sunglass company to share with you. Founders Curt and Josh, started the Facto brand, bringing style and innovation together. I am excited to give you the reasons why you need to check out this company and also some background on them. I read their “about” statement and could not say it better. The following is directly from their FB page.

Everyday, we put on clothes and accessories that do more than just cover us. What we choose to wear represent our moods, personalities, ambitions, desires, and the times we live in. Behind the designs we consciously decide to display through our fashion are the meticulous, innovative, and influential artists who created them. FACTO Est. 1987 embodies a lifestyle unifying cultural diversity in a manifestation of art through fashion. Deriving from the Latin expression de facto meaning “in fact or in reality”, FACTO Est. 1987 core mission is to provide an accurate illustration of everyday living with confidence and finesse.img_7084-png

Recently launched within FACTO Est. 1987, FACTO SHADES has drawn significant attention for its unisex, trendy, and vibrant sunglasses. Additionally, FACTO SHADES provides the poised individual wearing the lenses the ability to clearly see a reflection of what’s behind them and horizontally without a glare. FACTO SHADES has been exceptionally popular on the East Coast and is currently expanding to the West Coast, as well as internationally. Celebrities, such as Iggy Azalea, Serena Williams, Colton Haynes, and John Wall have been spotted wearing their favorite pair of FACTO SHADES.
FACTO Est. 1987 is more than a just label, but a way of life – a better reality for all. One of the company’s primary objectives is to facilitate educational and health programs in underprivileged communities in Luanda, Angola and around the world. This will not only increase economic sustainability for our overall objective, but also to provide more jobs opportunities, cleaner water, and education in these communities.


This is why I am excited about this company as an innovative sunglass retailer. Our sunglasses, quite often, are our wow factor. Front and center on our faces, they are the fashion accessory that is noticed first, our statement piece. Sunglasses say; I’m accomplished, I’m confident, I’m ready to have fun, I’m unique and I’m hot. No-one wants to walk into a party and see someone else wearing the suit; same applies to our glasses. Facto shades are the “OMG where did you get those!”  accessorie that will assure you are a stand out on top of your fashion game. You’re driving and what is the first thing they’ll notice? Not your car, but how on point you look in your Facto sunglasses. Don’t take a chance picking out glasses in any retailer, you want the right eye protection and the celeb look. Sunglasses, let’s face it are an investment. With Facto, you are getting glasses that will protect the wellness of your eyes and will also be durable, while looking like you spent a fortune. Moderately priced, this season they are offering two styles and will be debuting additional colors early spring 2017. Reminder, it is better to have one pair of outstanding sunglasses than a drawer full of cheap out dated ones.

fullsizerender-23Coming this spring, FACTO 2.0, a prestige design. Be one of a kind!


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